About Us

Beveledge is the starting point of a lifelong goal to create. It seeks to evoke a similar sense of fulfillment through space.
When it comes to interior design, we create spaces that are timeless. We’re proud to rely on strong fundamentals in our space planning. There is no compromise on the client’s needs.
Our designs are elegant yet agile. We respect the brief and don’t drain additional resources to achieve the goals we agree upon.
Clients are the focal point of our process. Our studio brings together experienced consultants and designers who strike the balance between functionality and creativity. Our design process is a journey of constant collaboration and clear communication with the clients, consultants and artists resulting in a space with a strong unmistakable identity.
Although meticulous and structured, we ensure the process is organic and enjoyable for those involved. At Beveledge, we are meticulous throughout the pre-concept and concept design to schematic space planning. At the end of multiple brainstorming sessions, we move forward only when the client is convinced we’ve got it right. This gives the project a solid foundation. After, we dive headfirst into obsessive detailing of the space to give it that bespoke elegance. Our craftsmen and vendors are seasoned at what they do and deliver the results that match client expectations, nothing less. As the project shapes up, our tempo lasts till we have created something we all can be proud of.

Lasya Umesh

Principal Designer

Something about homes sparked a fire in Lasya as a child and she set her mind on designing spaces. Against all odds, she pursued a graduation in Interior Design with Jain college, Bangalore. Raising the bar higher, she secured a Master in Interior Design from the Glasgow School of Art. Following her qualifications, she worked with RC architecture and Maia design, both in Bangalore. Her love for detailed design and client collaboration allowed her to shape great projects in the hospitality, residential, retail and workplace sectors.
Interior Design, she realized, wasn’t limited to pages in her portfolio. It’s about people. This intensified her ambition and shaped her views. It opened her mind to creating her own design language that stands the test of time. It was finally time to live the childhood dream.
With her brainchild, Beveledge, she brings the soul of a designer who persisted. Simply put, it is a quest to create elegant residences meticulously tailored to her clients’ imagination. Timeless and cozy, just like home.